Caidoz. (Caidoz isn't her name, she just prefers her anonymity, so I'll refer to her by her online pseudonym.)

So here's a shot I love, and you might not love (I'm biased as hell). Other than some minor cropping because the 3:2 aspect ratio is *way* too long on one side for people shots. this is exactly how it came out of the camera. Hey, it's not flawless, and I'd like to see what you Photoshoppers out there could do with it (you can get a much higher resolution file right here if you want to play with it), but here's a couple of lessons from this shot:

- Use "shade" white balance. I get those lovely warm colours that way. Make it your default setting even in daylight. Every camera I've ever seen misses the perfect white balance in "A", so. :) - Pale people are awesome. What looks like a deliberately-placed flash to kiss her hair is actually sunlight. And it probably looks like I used fill-flash on her face, but her skin is so pale that she looks perfectly exposed when she's in the shadows. Woohoo!

- The 50mm f/1.8D is awesome. Awesome, awesome, a million times awesome, and my favourite portrait lens on a DX-cropped digital SLR. Crikey, I always knew it was pretty much the sharpest lens I own, but holy cow, it impresses me more every time I use it.

- It's easy to get nice backgrounds outside a studio. We were just walking along and then I saw some daffodils on a riverbank, and I was like "hey, just go sit over there". She did and it totally matched her floral hat that she bought earlier for about 25 times less than I paid for the lens I shot her with.

Also, I love her to pieces. :)

Tech trivia: Nikon D2H and 50mm f/1.8D at f/1.8, ISO 200, 1/750 sec.

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