Lewis Collard

or, "happy to be here"

Alright! I'm Lewis. I'm from Norfolk. I have done a bunch of things over the years, and some of those things are on the Internet.


Where I write about things I like. It's mostly about my car projects, because those consume most of my attention these days.

Shutter (2009-)

Cameras, photography, etc. I occasionally add something new here when I try a new camera. That site used to be on this very URL; I split it out into a sub-site because my interests have diversified since 2009 when I started it.

Horsepower (2014-2020)

I spent a lot of years doing photographs at almost every event with the Norfolk Arena Drift Team. It was very fun and only occasionally life-threatening. Drifting has and will always have a special place in my heart.


I'm a software engineer in my day job. Occasionally I write some code for fun if I see a compelling need for it. I am on GitHub.

Railways are interesting. I'm not a train nerd or anything oh who am I kidding. Anyway, I have a page on railway remnants around South Lynn. Also, a reproduction of a British Rail clock in the browser.

I've been a contributor to the Wikimedia Commons since 2005, on-and-off (a lot of "off"). I am moving all the generally-useful stuff from my former gallery here over there, to ensure that as many people can use it as possible.

I have an email address. You can send things to it! I don't bite.

There are other Lewis Collards out there. I'm not any of the ones on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. I'm sure they are nice, though.

"Happy to Be Here" is a song by Todd Snider, the greatest artist of all time.