Road, Tottenhill Row

Road, Tottenhill Row. Wow, who thought film that expired in 2005 could look so good when shot and developed in 2012?! My homeboy at Wolfy's in King's Lynn has an Agfa d-Lab scanner which is just amazing for correcting for terrible colour balance. No wonder Fuji's X100 is reputedly so good at correcting for terrible lighting; Fuji, along with Agfa, have been the world's foremost experts in making awful shots from colour negative film look great. Of course I had to do a little contrast correction and selectively lighten/darken a few bits, but that's the case with digital too.

Film: always perfect, even when it expired seven years ago.

(Have you noticed that even though I was shooting at f/8 the background still has a pleasant blur? That comes with shooting a medium-format camera. I explain all this over here.)

Tech trivia: Kiev 88, Mir-26b 45mm f/3.5, probably f/8 at 2 seconds (in Bulb), expired Agfa Optima 200

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